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Welcoming my Rainbow Baby - Addison

WOW! That's all I can start by saying. And I mean that literally in every sense of the word... Just WOW!

Firstly, I am a mummy - Addison was born on 25th January and is just perfect. We did it and I couldn't be any happier or any more in love with my beautiful daughter. My world is quite simply complete.

Secondly, I now know what everyone means when they say you can spend an entire day just staring at this marvellous little person you created... it's all really rather surreal isn't it?! From their tiny little palm holding your finger so tightly, to that beautiful baby smell on their head, to those little bursts of breath on your neck when you are cuddling them... I could just go on... I am so very lucky and grateful to have my Rainbow Baby with me now and she has stolen my heart forever.

Being so fortunate to have been successful in falling pregnant and delivering a healthy baby girl, it has made me even more determined to work with associations, individuals, charities, awareness programmes and many more that work to support IVF and IUI programmes, SMCs, Sperm Donors, MCMA Twins and other high risk pregnancies, miscarriage, stillbirth and Rainbow Babies and Rainbow Day and similar causes. I want to be a voice but also a friendly support to anyone who needs it. This blog has opened up some new networks and contacts purely through people wanting to share their stories or just to tell someone - my biggest concern is that many women and men don't talk about any of these pregnancy issues or loss of a baby as they just don't know how to or who to speak to and it is the assumption that it just happens and people aren't really all that interested - this is not true, it is important to talk about these things and to share stories. I absolutely understand and respect that many people want to keep these things to themselves and don't want to discuss such personal and intimate situations or experiences but for those who do and don't know where to turn to - these are the people i want to ensure are getting all of the advice, help, support and care they want and need.

More importantly I am simply amazed and inspired by the levels of support, love, kindness and caring that Addison and I are surrounded by. From the moment she was born we have been showered with love from family and friends near and far, it is so extraordinary the happiness, love and togetherness that a new little bundle of joy can bring to everyone around you - her arrival just seemed to lift everybody's spirits. I hope she continues to have this effect on people as she gets older! All I want for my daughter is to be happy, kind and loving in everything she does and everyone she touches in her path.

And thank you to the very kind man who donated his sperm and made my dreams a reality - i don't know who you are but you have changed my life forever and all for the better - a sincere thank you and I hope that you get to meet Addison one day.

And lastly a shout out to the wonderful manufacturers of some of the items I bought, if you are reading this and are overwhelmed by what to buy, the quantity of what is needed and the sheer choice out there, here is a shortlist of some of the key items I bought and they al have very specific reasons behind the purchase. Let's start with my Pram - I chose the SilverCross Pram and it was definitely a great move - it is so beautifully designed (British of course!), so easy to manoeuvre, pack and unpack in and out of the car and is super versatile. The Britax Millenia car seat - another winner and she looks so little and cosy in there! And the Oricom Monitor - I was worried I might become a little paranoid and just keep staring at the monitor like some crazy woman but actually it has made me much better at leaving her to self settle and re-settle as I don't need to keep running in to check on her and therefore disturbing her, I can just make sure she is comfortable and keep an eye out but the bonus of course are the SIDS pads that come with this model - definitely a must in my opinion. I spent a small fortune on purchases for this baby but I won't go into all of the detail here... feel free to reach out should you like to chat about baby purchases - happy to help out and offer my opinions.


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