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Single Women, juggling parenting and a career - What's Your Story...

Mums&Co business woman and baby

Back to the point... Us Girls want it all and why can't we. Well we can if we get creative and know there are no boundaries and limits to our dreams.

Well I quit my high flying career back in February of 2016, to focus on what was important to me - health and to get back to living up to my personal values. I no longer wanted to be a part of a culture and environment that was toxic and non-conducive to my values.

The only problem is, as a soon to be SMC (Single Mother By Choice) I am also the only one who needs to make the money and so this had to formulate some sort of plan.

I just heard about this great business idea that was set up in Perth - BubDesk. Designed as Perth's first co-working space with an on-site childcare facility, taking workplace flexibility to a whole new level.

It was all started out of desperation for a new mum and business woman who couldn't get her own child into Daycare and saw a real gap in the market. A report called "Filling The Pool' undertaken by Committee For Perth found there are fewer childcare places per capita in WA compared with other states.

This made me think... why are corporates so inflexible and why is the corporate world still seen as such a male dominated environment, one where women "perform" and "conform" to this corporate world - feeling trapped.

Talking of feeling trapped and marked - don't even get me started on the Government Discrimination against us SMCs, one of my blog posts talks about the term we are coined with by Government - Socially Infertile vs Medically Infertile.

That's a separate debate... now let's get back to inflexible corporate environments.

I have mentioned previously that I left my fabulous career, one that I have always enjoyed and always got a rush off of, because it wasn't meeting my values and I didn't feel that I was getting the respect or care back from a corporate environment that matched everything I was putting in.

Consequently I have set up my own business, one that reflects what I have been doing my entire career - Branding, Marketing and Communications. I am primarily focusing on Corporates and Businesses that are either established or start-ups, however I have decided this needs a creative twist - of course it does!

Having started mumistheboss blog initially as an emotional outlet, I have come to realise it has potential as a platform to help and guide other women in a similar situation. My goal in life is to inspire and mentor women, I realise I can combine my Marketing and Branding business with my personal journey to achieve just this. I particularly want to hear from and work with women in leadership and female entrepreneurs - I want to work on defining individual brands and with women, who want to tell their own story and truly define their own brand. Each and every one of us has our own Brand ID, we are all unique and individual, more importantly each and every one of us has a "Story".

Share yours with me or reach out if you would like to know where to start with your own brand and story. Send me a note...


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