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Gender Diversity and Blending Work and Life.

It's been a while since I posted on here and I am coming up to 6 months in my Pregnancy!

I have been busy growing my little button of life and really focusing on building my new Consultancy business - Fraser Marketing International, a Brand Strategy, Marketing & Communications practice. I have been working the networks and developing my own Brand and Marketing assets for the business.

I started this business for exactly the reason for the title of this Blog - I can be the boss and work flexibly around work and bringing up my child as a Single Mother.

As part of my networking build, I was given the opportunity to work on a pro-bono basis with a business that was set up by a mum, who went through her own struggles to be able to stay in the workforce in her thriving career at the peak time of her career progression, because she couldn't get her son into a decent daycare, either the waitlist was too long or the ones she could get into had spaces for a reason.

We have been working with many HR teams within corporate businesses as well as Mid-Sized businesses and understanding the stats behind this Gender Equality gap in Australia, not to mention the worldwide implications it is having.

On Friday I attended a fabulous hi-tea event at the Pan Pacific Hotel Perth, as part of the Business Women Australia group I am a member of. Senator The Hon Michaelia Cash spoke to us about the very topics that this blog represents, my favourite quote from her, as I sit here 29 weeks pregnant with my baby daughter, is "A man is not a financial plan!"Something that I will pass onto the next generation also.

And this journey is not limited to mums, it is also a debate around gender equality for fathers who take care of their child. I have read some great articles recently that talk about the struggle of getting back to work and the inflexibility of the work force and being able to blend work and personal life. Here is a link to a very inspirational woman, whom I have been working with around the topic of heading back to work as a new mum -

What a journey this is for all of us and generations to come... get on board people, this gender gap needs to close and change now! Are you with me mums and dads?!


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