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A Girl Who Wants It All

It's been a tough few months but I am a strong and positive woman so I am coming through the other side... This blog takes you through my story of a single woman, who works really hard and also tries to have a baby.

I am and always have been very career driven, continually searching for Mr Right/Mr Perfect - whichever could come first and always had the dream that I would be a mum.

The Girl Who Wants It All... And why not?!

So there "I" was...

- I had finally reached the pinnacle of my career aspirations. I was in a successful and growing company, a leader on the Executive team and LOVING my job - that's a tick!

- I was on every dating site and playing on any "singles" app I could get my hands on to find "Mr Right" - that remains a ???

- How do I reach my next dream - "motherhood"

And now there "It" was... my next challenge. Us single gals always love a challenge and like to make life slightly more difficult for ourselves... don't we?

So I embarked on the Single Mum Journey, well the correct term is SMC (Single Mothers By Choice)... IVF and IUI options, sperm donor search, multiple medical tests and lots of learning along the way...

Try doing all of this when you are STILL on those Dating Sites, holding up a demanding and highly challenging job whilst managing a team of more than 15 as well as managing peer and stakeholder relationships and of course the most important - keeping friendships going and ensuring social events are on top of my radar.

This blog broadcast will tell you of my journey over the past 18months...


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